About Sangeeta

Sangeeta describes herself as an Inner Landscape Artist. After deeply listening to her clients, she empowers them with customized tools that help in gaining clarity, sustaining calm and living fully. She helps people to discover their own song and be authentic.

With a dedicated twenty years as Author, Intuitive Therapist, Complementary and Energy Healing Practitioner, or Life Coach, Sangeeta provides guidance that is tailormade to the client’s individual needs.

For her, this service emerged organically from her own experiences. Early in life, family circumstances nudged her into self-taught healing and spiritual work. Over time, seeing the changes in her and those around her, people began to seek her help. Honed in compassion, understanding, empathy and inner strength by then, she felt ready to dedicate herself to this work on a full-time basis.

Well read and open-minded, she innovatively combines traditional healing systems and philosophies along with a crisp understanding of modern techniques and scientific discoveries.  With a preference for mindfulness and meditative tools, she has extensive mastery and experience with numerous energy healing processes. She only shares from what she has herself practised and found useful. Sangeeta is also adept at Energetic Space clearing.

Significant experience with coaching individuals who lead, inspire or support others has given her a specific understanding of their unique challenges. She has also worked extensively with women, helping them to address gender discrimination, self-imposed/societal expectations and judgment that are so commonly present even in these modern days.
Her clients range from 20-year-olds looking to expand their horizons, to middle-aged persons reinventing their roles and relationships, to 90-year-olds seeking peace and closure.

She has facilitated healing circles and workshops, including those for the senior management of several MNCs, social organisations, NGOs and educational institutions. For the last six years, she has preferred to devote her time to sessions with individuals who are deeply committed to their inner work.

A prolific writer, Sangeeta has authored five books on healing and spirituality. More details on her books, their translations, her poems, stories, blog and online consultations are available at relevant pages on this site.  She regularly posts detailed self-help articles at WordPress and daily insights on Facebook.

Sangeeta has a B.Sc. in Statistics, a Diploma in Business Finance(ICFAI) and is also a Certified Graphologist (AHAF, USA).
(But life had other plans!)
She currently resides in Pune, India.