Meditation Mugs, Energy Coasters and more...
Many of us would like to incorporate a healing or spiritual practice into the daily routine, but often struggle with implementation.  The idea here is to offer beautiful, simple products – infused with healing intentions – that can assist in bringing mindfulness and calm to our day.
So if you are looking for meaningful, useful and affordable gifts for your self, family, friends or clients – here are some offerings:

(The products described below ship only within India. 
Please visit – my U.S. web store – to order from a wider range (such as boxes, jewellery, and more) that ships worldwide – including to India.

Meditative Mugs

A way to transform your rushed tea or coffee breaks into a rejuvenating pause:
Powerful scripts (drawing on decades of my personal experience in spiritual and healing processes) with aesthetic, soothing backgrounds are now available on 11oz mugs at Rs.350/- (plus shipping at actuals).

For best results, use in one of the following easeful ways: 

Take a deep breath, read a statement slowly, and release your breath.
Repeat for all the lines.
Sit straight, but relaxed.
Read a statement, then close your eyes & run your attention up the middle of your body in one quick sweep.
Repeat for all the statements.
Tap EFT points as you read the statements.

Meditative Mugs
Flower – Script: extract From Suffering To Lightness @Rs.350/- Tree and Eagle – Script from: A 5 Minute Exercise To Reclaim Peace (@Rs.350/- each)
Meadow _Fotor Tree and Eagle Meditative Mugs

Energy Coasters

In order to enable their convenient and frequent use, these digital paintings have been made available on 3.6″ by 3.6″ durable, MDF tea coasters.

For best results:

  1. Quieten the mind and sit undisturbed for a couple of minutes.
  2. Let your attention be naturally drawn to one of the images, or if you have the Energy Balancing Set, draw one out of the stack intuitively, holding the intent that the one most suitable for your current use be selected.
  3. Contemplate the chosen image for as long as you feel called to
    Or place a glass of water on it for 5-10 minutes (before drinking)
    with the intention to receive the benefits, and feel the difference for yourself.

Pre-order The Energy Balancing Set 

This set of inspired, healing art is designed to clear, activate and balance i) each of the 7 chakras, ii) all 5 elements, and iii) to Reintegrate ourselves, along with bringing the much-needed strength and balance to Yin energies.

This set of eleven 3.6″ by 3.6″ coasters comprise of digital paintings corresponding to use for:

1) Root Chakra
2) Sacral Chakra
3) Solar Plexus Chakra
4) Heart Chakra
5) Throat Chakra
6) Third Eye
7) Crown Chakra
8) Reintegration (Aligning all energies to wholeness.)
9) The 5 Basic Elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether.
10) Yin Energies. (This digital painting was channeled during a powerful lunar eclipse.  It is particularly relevant to our current times and to the restoration of balance between male and female energies, within us as also in the world at large.  Use this image to own, strengthen, balance and express the feminine energies.  See for an explanation of Yin and Yang.)
11) Overall Harmonizing – 1 Combined-9  (Designs 1- 9 on a single coaster).
Kindly refer to numbered image below (No numbers or text appear on actual pieces.).
For more details on each image association please see this pdf.
Additional Shipping Cost at actuals.
Energy Coasters
Single Energy Coaster: Combined-9 Design (3.6″ * 3.6″) Available @Rs.200/- each Energy Balancing Set of 11 coasters (each 3.6″ * 3.6″) with a handmade, recycled paper case-holder @Rs.2100/-
new coaster _numbered Energy Balance Set with Yin
(Images: All rights reserved. Please do not make unauthorised use of the same. The effect will not be the same.)

How To Purchase Your Meditative Mugs and Energy Coasters

Limited pieces are available off the shelf at my Pune office. Pre-ordering will ensure that your order is in stock.

Please email your requirement to
Currently, we are only shipping within India and the minimum shipping cost is Rs.55/- or Rs.140/- , as per pin-code. The weight of the order and your address will determine actual cost. If you email me your full address and phone number along with items required, I can provide you with your shipping estimate.

These products are also available at Modaks Wellness Centre in Nasik.

The Meditative Mugs are now available for regular use(at no extra cost) and sale at Pagdandi Books Chai Cafe at Baner, Pune. Do ask for your beverage to be served in a Meditative Mug there and write in with your experience.



(The venture and page are both in early development.  More details, products and outlets coming soon. Thank you for your patience and understanding.)

Kindly note:
1.  Please read disclaimer before ordering or using products.
2. There may be minor colour variations in appearance of photographs and actual pieces. 
3. Returns or exchange are not possible at this time.