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It is possible for us to arrive at a place of groundedness, wherein a greater peace and joy is more consistently experienced, regardless of our history and circumstances. From here, even when outer situations challenge, we are able to adapt quickly, calmly and regain balance more and more easily.  For those drawn to a sustainable serenity and mindful living, I offer individual sessions:

Personal Consultations can be scheduled in person at Pune, India, or over Skype/FaceTime by prior appointment.
My approach prioritizes holistic evolution and I believe the root of all apparent ‘problems’ lies in our forgetting of our true nature. I am not a Motivational Coach and I take a more Taoist approach wherein higher guidance and emergence are duly honored.  Hence, these consultations are appreciated by those looking to integrate their spiritual path with their day to day life in a practical, tangible manner.

What to expect:

“I encourage people to take responsibility for the world they experience and to look inwards, rather than focus on outer circumstances or others.  I support the individual, but expect them to play a key role in their own process. Also, I do not restrict the scope to ‘problem fixing’, or encourage attachment to specific outcomes, but help others understand and honor their own spiritual unfoldment.  Hence, the challenge at hand is examined in the larger context of life and being.

I use various tools of inquiry, deep listening, as well as numerous energetic processes like EFT, Emotion Code, TAT, Access tools, Now Healing, Forgiveness practices etc. as required, during these sessions. The client is usually taught EFT and given some exercises or practices to be followed in between the sessions.  The approach is to bring clarity through questioning thoughts and harmonizing energies, while also entering spaces of deep stillness.  As we experience this stillness more often,  there is a natural return to our default state of peace and well-being.  Browsing my other pages and blogs in greater detail should give a clear idea of what to expect.

The  fees are charged as per actual duration, the rate being Rs.2500/- per hour.  Most clients require 4 to 6 hours of interaction, spread over two-three appointments, after which I help them decide upon a suitable daily practice. Many clients choose to return for follow-ups on a monthly or quarterly basis.  When possible, I prefer the first session to be in person, though this is not an essential requirement. The first session is typically the longest, between 1.5 to 2 hours.

If this approach suits you, please let me know your challenges in one or two lines, as well as a couple of dates that may suit you about a week from writing and I will revert with my availability.”

~ Sangeeta

The appointments are generally at 1030am or 530pm, Monday through Saturday at:

Healing Vibes,
Dr. Mukund Joshi’s Transformational Homeopathy Clinic,
3, Savitri, Abhinav Vidyalaya Road,
(Off Law College Road),
47/19 Erandawane,
Pune 411004.

Tel: 020 25440744 (9.30am-1.30pm, 5.30pm-730pm)

Remote Clearings :  “I prefer clients to play an active part in their own journey but also recognize that at times we are overwhelmed and some support is required before one can return to a more proactive role. There are also cases where the clients come to me tired from their talk therapy or intellectual debate, looking for a purely energy based therapy. Accordingly, these sessions are are offered on a stand-alone, need-based basis.”

Trapped emotions, imbalanced energies, patterns, inherited energies, entanglements, etc… can cloud our seeing and contribute to physical or emotional disease. Clearing these helps shed our filters and come into awareness more quickly.  Remote clearing recognizes that there is a unified energy field and hence several processes are useful without distance posing any restraint. These sessions are usually of 30 to 45 minutes each and all that is required are a few brief details over email.

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N.B.: Please read Disclaimer before requesting any consultation appointment. 

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