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Workshops are designed to cater specifically to the client organization needs.  To discuss duration, content, location and fees please write in with your requirements at

Energy Clearing Circles are a routine offering meant to promote awareness and share the benefits of little known but effective healing techniques with a larger audience at an affordable price.  These are hosted at  Healing Vibes.  More about these below:


We all know that a healthy mind, body and soul require regular attention and care.  But when was the last time you questioned your repetitive thoughts or took specific steps to release limiting beliefs, troubling emotions or behaviour patterns?  All these, if unaddressed, contribute to our stress and consequently affect our natural abilities to heal.

We are energetic beings. Trapped emotions, emotional & physical disease, stress & limiting beliefs are all apparent in our energies.  Harmonizing our energies can help restore our mind, body and soul to a balanced state.

A variety of powerful energy healing & meditative techniques can demonstrate a noticeable shift, often within a very short time.  We can address the frequency of an emotional state and move towards a state of peace, enthusiasm and joy without necessarily getting into the details of what caused these emotions to be triggered.  This enables group work wherein we can neutralize the frequency of disturbing emotions while yet maintaining a degree of privacy and comfort for all those present.

Small groups of 5 -13 are guided through practices such as EFT, Access Consciousness, Emotion Code, Dynamind, Ask and Receive, Intuitive healing, Now Healing, Meditations, etc., that address energetic imbalances and tune up the individual in a holistic way. The emphasis is on the practice of the tools, not their theory.

1.5-hour Introduction to Emotional Freedom Techniques can also be scheduled upon request.

Private groups such as families or self-organizing groups of teachers/doctors/caregivers etc. are welcome to write in with their requirement. Customized 1.5 hour Energy Clearing Circles are arranged for a minimum of 5 participants.

Facilitator: Sangeeta Bhagwat Facilitates these circles.

Subject: In order to optimize benefits, each session has a focus topic, such as:

  • A focus group such as:  Women, Caregivers, Teachers, Parents, etc.
  • A key emotional challenge such as Anger, Guilt, Relationships, Addictions, etc.
  • A single physical challenge such as Pain, Hypertension, Menstrual Disorders, etc.

The fees for 1.5-hour duration Energy Clearing Circles are Rs.1000/- per participant.  Some prior topics are given below:

Nurturing Relationships: The quality of our relationships largely determine the quality of our life.  How we relate to our self is the starting point, as being in an uncluttered, aware and caring space draws into our lives people with a similar vibration.  Subsequently,  nurturing these precious connections is an ongoing process.  Unfortunately, we often tend to neglect these with the passage of time.  Using energy clearing tools, let us clear away habitual thoughts and persistent emotions that block us from appreciating what we are blessed with.

Supporting Caregivers

If you care for someone with a chronic or life threatening disease, an aging person or challenged individuals, self care is often neglected. Typically, attention and sympathy tends to go to the person in your care and you may even feel guilt over requiring attention for yourself.  But this is essential.   As I wrote in The Caregiver’s Manual, “The primary aim of any caregiver-patient team, would be to maximize well being and longevity of the patient. If you are expecting to succeed in this endeavor, it automatically implies a long span as a caregiver. No person can go for very long periods of time, by neglecting their own welfare. The irony lies in choosing short-term exhaustion over long-term goals.” Come and give yourself some well earned respite.

Opening the Throat Chakra – if you have been inhibited in speaking up for yourself, or in expressing your self without hesitation, this session will help release the trapped emotions and beliefs holding you back.  Please see related article at

Parent’s Exam Anxiety – If you are stressed about your children’s academics then you will be impacting your child with your worried energies. These clearings will help release your fears and anxiousness, so that you find your own calm and centeredness.  This will be an invaluable contribution to not only yourself, but also your family.  Those with generalized anxiety can also join in, but please note that the emphasis will be on releasing anxiety over performance.

Grief – Bereavement is never easy and sometimes even the passage of time does not seem to help.  Whether it is a recent shock, or an old loss; whether you were expecting it or not, the departure of a close family member, friend or pet – can all be overwhelming.  This session will be designed to release such emotions and help you remember your loved ones with greater peace.

Forgiveness:  “As I walked out the door toward the gate that would lead to my freedom, I knew if I didn’t leave my bitterness and hatred behind, I’d still be in prison.” ~ Nelson Mandela

“Forgiveness is not about condoning an act or behaviour,
It is not about deciding who was right or wrong.
It is not about inviting more of the same into your life,
It is about moving on.”
~ from the Poem: ‘Forgiveness’ by Sangeeta Bhagwat

Reach out and embrace the part of you that wants to be free and move on… Wouldn’t that be a great way to start your new year?



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