About Sangeeta

Sangeeta likes to describe herself as an Inner Landscape Artist. She supports individuals in reclaiming an inner peace, empowering them with tools that help one regain balance, sustain calm and maintain clarity. She helps people to discover their own song and be authentic with themselves and with others. Such inner work leverages outer changes, enabling her clients to experience more wellbeing, healthier relationships and an overall improvement in their quality of life.

She plays the role of an Author, Intuitive Therapist, Complementary and Energy Healing Practitioner, or Life Coach, as per the need of the moment.  Sangeeta has been offering personal consultations since 1991.

From an early age, life provided her the opportunity to encounter and overcome various personal challenges.  This diverse personal experience helped build the compassion, understanding and strength that is required for inner work. Well read and open minded, she innovatively combines traditional healing systems and philosophies along with a crisp understanding of modern techniques and scientific discoveries.  With a preference for mindfulness and meditative tools, some of the other processes she uses include EFT,TATSai Sanjeevinis, Dynamind, Emotion Code, Access Consciousness, Now Healing, Pendulum and Dowsing, Reiki, Crystals, Energy work, Cord Cutting, Remote Healing and inquiry processes like The Work, Squares, etc… She has extensive mastery and experience in several such processes. But she does not pursue formal Certification in any one, as she allows intuition and flow to guide the session at every stage.  Sangeeta is also adept at Space clearing, in person and remotely.

She specializes in helping community and thought leaders in actualizing their fullest potential.  Public role models also have their own personal challenges, but fewer spaces in which they can explore and address these in confidence.  Significant experience with coaching individuals who inspire or support others has given her a specific understanding of the challenges that come from being in such a position. She has also worked extensively with women, helping them to address the gender discrimination, self-imposed/societal expectations and judgment that are so commonly present even in these modern days.

She has been facilitating workshops and healing circles to empower people to de-stress, overcome limiting beliefs, heal emotional and physical issues, improve relationships, actualize their fullest potential and improve communication and rapport within organizations since late 2004. She has conducted customized programs for the senior management of several multinational corporations, social organisations, NGOs and educational institutions.

A prolific writer, Sangeeta has authored five books on healing and spirituality. More details on her books, their translations, poems, stories, blogs and print & web articles, workshops and consultations are available at relevant pages on this site.  She regularly posts detailed self-help articles at WordPress and daily insights on Facebook.

Sangeeta has a B.Sc. in Statistics, a Diploma in Business Finance and is also a Certified Graphologist (AHAF, USA).